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Why Books are always better than Movies

Books presents a totally different world which is full of life, creativity and inspiration. The Books are said to be your best friend as they never disappoint you. They are seen to be a creative endeavor and lays the basis for movies. A book is a treasure which is not only made up of characters, plots, scenes and storyline, but also of unlimited scope for imagination and opportunities to explore by the readers. Books serves as a foundation on which movies are built and that’s one of the reasons ...

Think you know everything about Acne? Check up with this quick guide:

INTRODUCTION A common fear that tops everyone’s list is acne. Medically, acne is defined as a skin disease which occurs due to inflammation of hair follicles. This is caused by interaction between skin oils, hormones and bacteria leading to a buildup of dead skin cells causing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, comedones and sometimes cysts on skin. Acne is equally fearful in all races and ages. 95% people suffer from acne at some point their life and that point mostly being adolescence (14-19 ...

From common man to CEO

Desire is the foundation and dreams are the building blocks which can take you from one place to another. Success doesn’t come with money or big degrees, but with strong will power and your ability to realize your dreams. Today we have so many examples of people who rose from the dust and changed the way the world works. The stories of common people who not only changed their lives, but also of many others around them. These days people are experimenting and facing their fears. For realizing ...

10 Books to read to help you out of Depression

I believe writing is the best way to express you. Yes, sometimes, you become speechless and don’t find words to express but still you expressed. And, I know sometimes, you are not good at writing but then, by reading, you can always relate your feelings or by reading experience of writer, you can build a new opinion. It’s been said that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. Hence, the words you speak are form of energy and may ...

The most successful business women of all time

Think of the words- Entrepreneur, Business, and MNCs. What image does our mind form? A man in a formal blue suit or a man in a formal grey suit? It doesn't matter whichever colour the suit is, it is always a man, isn't it? Such are the thoughts we are conditioned to think in this society crippling with the dominance of one gender. (We all know which one it is!) In a male dominated society, where economics or commerce does not seem to find a place in a woman's career, some girls dared ...

Why most of the startups are into groceries or merchandise?

With the coming era of technology the world has changed totally. With the internet and smartphone in every urban household virtual shops have made their own presence. Today Indian market is flourished with virtual shops that helps the consumers in full filling their needs. The technology has changed the whole scenario of shopping. Be it electronic items or beauty products everything is just a click away now. Virtual grocery and merchandising shops have established a strong presence in the virtual ...

Rolls Royce - From birth to Legend

Charles Rolls, a mechanical engineer and Henry Royce, an electrical engineer first met at Grand Central Hotel in Manchester and the ideas of these two unsure individuals created history together. Charles rolls was born in London, he graduated from Cambridge in 1898. For a start he did some jobs in practical engineering, but later with the help of funds from his father, he started Britain's first Car Dealership. Charles rolls was a passionate man who pioneered motoring and aviation. Henry ...

20 signs you might be an entrepreneur

Do you think differently? Do you see opportunity wherever you go? Do you seek freedom to live life like a boss? Do you always aim for the impossible and succeed? Well, read on and you’ll be sure you are an entrepreneur! You are confident. You believe in yourself like no one else, only appreciation and gratification you need is yours. You are certain that you will make every action of yours effective. You are determined. Getting things done is your only preference You ...


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