Photography is an art which can only be realized with creativity and a good camera. These days DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are flooding the market and giving tough competition to Mirrorless cameras. With large sensors DSLRs give better picture resolutions and that’s why they are so popular among beginners. Many people struggle to find the best suited DSLR for them, Here is the catch-There is not one single DSLR for everyone. It varies with the  interest. An Aerial photographer will have a totally different requirements from a  portrait photographer. Similarly, wildlife photographers will have different requirements than Social Documentary Photographer.

Before buying a DSLR it is very important to check some basic features of the DSLR such as the shutter speed (1/4000 to 30 seconds), sensor (APS-C), noise performance, megapixels (above 16 megapixels), OVF and a few more technicalities.

The greatest confusion for a beginner  is which brand to choose but one has to understand brand cannot  promise you a good picture, only your skills and creativity can. Think wisely before you buy a camera and decide what type of pictures you want from it. Look for the types of lenses they offer and make sure that, the other specifications meet your requirements.

Many brands offer Entry level DSLRs for beginners in which Canon and Nikon both have good entry level DSLRs. It  just depends on the  purpose and usage. Two DSLRs  who are winning the battlefield these days are:-

Canon EOS 750D (Rebel T6i) which is a great camera for beginners with advanced features such as wifi and tilting touch screen and a  user friendly interface which makes it more popular.It offers 24.2 megapixel resolution, Sensor-APS-C with low pass filter  and a speed of 5Fps(Frames per second). It is an affordable camera for beginners and  offer high quality images .

Nikon D3300 which is again an awesome entry level DSLR with an affordable price and excellent photo quality.It comes with  an APS-C Sensor ,24.2 mega pixel resolution and a speed of 5Fps. It is best used for general purposes and is known for its speedy performance.

Both have brilliant features for entry level DSLRs,  but before taking the final decision one has to keep in mind the purpose and use as Canon provides you many opportunities to grow as a photographer with ans array of lenses while Nikon has improved viewfinder and a variety of  glass options. So it depends more on your choice and requirement which DSLR is best suited for you.