Books presents a totally different world which is full of life, creativity and inspiration. The Books are said to be your best friend as they never disappoint you. They are seen to be a creative endeavor and  lays the basis for movies. A book is a treasure which is not only made up of characters, plots, scenes and storyline, but also of unlimited scope for imagination and opportunities to explore by the readers. Books serves as a foundation on which movies are built and that’s  one of the reasons why  Books are better than movies.
There are books like The Harry Potter series, Lord of  the rings Trilogy, Sherlock Homes, Apocalypse now, A song of ice and fire  which are visualized on  screen and have gained a lot of appreciation, but  the on-screen version  can not compete with the books. Here are a few reasons why so:-

Visualization: Books give enormous  freedom to the readers. It gives immense scope for visualization. The way characters look, scene develops, set design everything gives power to the reader to use his own imagination. This helps the readers to get more involved in the story.

Time crunch: A movie to get popular it is important that it  contains good plots, favorite characters and scenes. Cutting 400 pages into a 1 hour movie is not a small task, the selection of the scenes and plots play an essential role in it. Time crunch Is the biggest constraint in front of movies and often the story is sacrificed to abide by it.

Details: The detailing in books can never be wrapped in the movies because of the time limit. The intricate detailing of  the plots is a treat for the readers. In  books   character develops  gradually so the readers can easily connect with them.

Attachment: Books lay the  basis for outstanding  movies, but in most of the case books always remains the first choice because readers always get emotionally attached to the  characters in the while with movies it’s a bit difficult to get attached in so less time. In reader's mind books are something which stays always with them as a friend, guide or an inspiration. They get attached to it and nothing is more valuable than that.

Materialistic: Books are cheaper and portable and are perfect for people who enjoys reading. It gives  quality content and offer  the reader with new  knowledge. It is present in  a materialistic form and is not only  a memory.

Inaccurate: Movies don’t always follow the Book story which is good for the movie audience as they get something new but not for the  readers who already have a set mindset. Exaggeration and adding romance in everything  to make them commercially successful is the Movie trend, but in this process they lose their quality.

Translation: The next important factor is the translation as when a movie is directed by some other person, it looses its charm. Translation is not only about the language, but also in the  decoding of actions and emotions. Here the interpretation of the director is far different from that of the writer.

Vocabulary: Reading is also good as it improves the vocabulary of the gives new words and insight on which readers can develop further. They can also spell and enunciate the words which is not possible with the movies.

Secondary characters: Books create a more detailed and interesting fictional world where the reader can take their own time to discover it. The protagonist is not everything, it gives proper time to the secondary characters too so while you read harry potter series, Neville Longbottom can be your version of “The chosen one” or even Ginny could be the girl you have  a crush on because you get enough time to know everyone.

The battle between books and movies is a never ending one. There are many cases where books get popularized only after they are adapted into movies. Movies helps them in getting famous. Books and Movies  can be seen as a double edged sword where one supports the other. The  Book lays foundation for movies and movies helps them in getting famous in return. Both are the supporting pillars to each other while simultaneously competing with  each other too.