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Rolls Royce - From birth to Legend

Charles Rolls, a mechanical engineer and Henry Royce, an electrical engineer first met at Grand Central Hotel in Manchester and the ideas of these two unsure individuals created history together. Charles rolls was born in London, he graduated from Cambridge in 1898. For a start he did some jobs in practical engineering, but later with the help of funds from his father, he started Britain's first Car Dealership. Charles rolls was a passionate man who pioneered motoring and aviation. Henry Royce was born in Huntingdonshire in 1863. Due to the unstable financial background, he can only ...

Self-driving car: Saviors or monsters

Self-driving Cars or Google self-driving cars are electric self-driven cars. You just have to sit in the car, and set the destination and there you go, without any effort, or driving, you are at your destination. As if now, self driving cars are running on streets of six US States and Washington DC. Nevada was the first US State to pass the law for the self driving cars, followed by Florida, California and Michigan, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and San Francisco. Singapore has recently announced the first Self driving Taxi. Along with the Google, Uber is also jumping into self driving cars and ...

SUVís a new trend

We have read so many quotes regarding 90s kid. Even, I will like to add one quote for 90s kid, “If you are 90’s kid, you have seen the technology evolving over all these years”. From Maruti 800 to Audi to Rang rover, From Hatchbacks to Convertibles to SUV, we have seen all. Today, I am specifically going to write about the technological advancements for SUV. SUVs or Sport Utility Vehicle or sometimes called Sport Utility Wagon has gained popularity from the last decade. And why not, the high roof, low floor and wagon shape and enough headroom, legroom and storage space, and ...

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