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8 Ways to keep your body fit

Due to the hectic lifestyle that we live today, there is no time left to keep our body in a healthy shape. Most of the times we feel tired and anxious throughout the day. There are a few ways to keep in mind which will help you keep your body fit and healthy and would not take much of your time also:- Healthy Diet Taking a healthy diet comes first as your body is too much dependent on the food. The intake of healthy diet, you take is directly proportional to the fitness of your body. A balanced diet with lots of nutritious food is a good start. It keeps your body energized throughout ...

Home remedies in India

India is known for its home remedies from ancient times. Ayurveda was popular in ancient India. People were treated with natural herbs and plants and they were very advanced in this field. Even in today’s time home remedies are very effective in the treatment of many diseases be it related to the skin, throat, liver or the digestive system. With time, many of these techniques vanished and others just became stories told by the grandmother, but many of these methods are used even today. There are many homemade products that are used as medicines for the treatment of various health problems. ...

Think you know everything about Acne? Check up with this quick guide:

INTRODUCTION A common fear that tops everyone’s list is acne. Medically, acne is defined as a skin disease which occurs due to inflammation of hair follicles. This is caused by interaction between skin oils, hormones and bacteria leading to a buildup of dead skin cells causing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, comedones and sometimes cysts on skin. Acne is equally fearful in all races and ages. 95% people suffer from acne at some point their life and that point mostly being adolescence (14-19 years). (That’s right, when puberty strikes, it strikes hard!). But a striking percent of ...

Everyday Solutions For A Healthier Skin

It is rightly said that ‘Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness’. Healthy skin not only reflects radiant beauty but is an indicator of healthy body and mind. Skin is the first barrier that protects our body from germs and infectious agents; and hence it is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy skin. These simple everyday habits would help you to get that perfect glow and a lively skin. Drink water in the right amount. Hydration is a very important part for a glowing skin; and it prevents dryness and flakiness. The guided amount is eight cups of water a day ...

Benefits of regular physical activity

A regular 30- 40 minutes physical activity can provide you with great benefits. Not only rigorous exercise but simply walking, gardening, cycling, climbing the stairs can help you a great deal to stay fit. Previously such activities were related only to lose weight but that’s a misconception, regular moderate physical activity can improve your strength, reduce the risk of certain diseases and helps you lead a ‘beautiful’ life. Read on to know some of the important benefits. Controls weight. By doing as little as physical activity as taking the stairs in your workplace ...

Snake Bites: Types, Symptoms, and Treatments

INTRODUCTION Snake- the legless, voiceless, earless creature is probably on a list of phobias of many people. And why it should not be, these reptiles kill approximately 5 million humans in a year! Not to forget they bite thousands more than this number. A snake bite is a 2-puncture wound due to the bite of a snake. Now here’s a curious question: Why do snakes bite? Well, the answer is a little complicated than obvious reasons. The obvious reasons being defense, food, threaten, protect eggs, etc. But snakes are known to be mercurial and you never know when they might bite. The exact ...

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