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From common man to CEO

Desire is the foundation and dreams are the building blocks which can take you from one place to another. Success doesn’t come with money or big degrees, but with strong will power and your ability to realize your dreams. Today we have so many examples of people who rose from the dust and changed the way the world works. The stories of common people who not only changed their lives, but also of many others around them. These days people are experimenting and facing their fears. For realizing your dream, it’s your courage and hard work that will pay off, Nothing else matters. We have ...

20 signs you might be an entrepreneur

Do you think differently? Do you see opportunity wherever you go? Do you seek freedom to live life like a boss? Do you always aim for the impossible and succeed? Well, read on and you’ll be sure you are an entrepreneur! You are confident. You believe in yourself like no one else, only appreciation and gratification you need is yours. You are certain that you will make every action of yours effective. You are determined. Getting things done is your only preference You don’t allow any person or situation become an obstacle and move in a forward direction bystaying ...

Ever wondered what is the difference between a start up and a business?

Launching your start-up soon? Are you sure it’s not a business? Well, this well help you figure out whether you want a start-up or a business and in which direction are you actually going? So, read on. Words like start up, entrepreneur, business are almost used as synonyms and it actually requires in-depth knowledge to know the difference between these words. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) describes business as an “independently owned and operated, organized for profit, “whereas a start up is defined as “newly emerging innovating venture ...

Lessons to be learnt from Myntra Jabong acquisition: Story of Rocket internetís failure

At first Myntra was taken over by Flipkart and then Myntra under Flipkart took Jabong in 2016 which marked the failure of Rocket Internet. This deal has transformed the future of E-commerce in India. “This deal is a validation of the conviction we had. I remember three to four years ago I had said in an interview when I was asked about Jabong that in 2016 Jabong will not matter,” says Mukesh Bansal, Co-founder and former CEO of Myntra. Rocket internet is a Germany based company headed by Oliver Samwer with his brothers and founded in 2007. It made its first venture in India ...

Ways to analyze the location of the office

For any startup, location plays a very crucial role. It plays as a success factor for any start- up. Choosing a location requires in depth research on the background of the place and pre planning. Location typically decides the cost, Audience reach and Talent pool of the start-up. Now the million dollar question is how to analyze a location for a startup. Well, There are several factors that help you finalize a good location, some of them are:- Size: While deciding a location for your startup, the first thing to keep in mind is the size of the space you want. There are a variety of options ...

Why most of the startups are into groceries or merchandise?

With the coming era of technology the world has changed totally. With the internet and smartphone in every urban household virtual shops have made their own presence. Today Indian market is flourished with virtual shops that helps the consumers in full filling their needs. The technology has changed the whole scenario of shopping. Be it electronic items or beauty products everything is just a click away now. Virtual grocery and merchandising shops have established a strong presence in the virtual market. Here are some of the reasons why:- Demand Online grocery and merchandising shops ...

Top 10 Investors of the world(@2016)

Investors are not only great at managing money, but also changing the world with their money. They not only make a fortune for themselves but also help million others to realize their dream. They are the shining stars of the financial world. These investors are not only rich with their money, but also with their intellect. While some of these carefully analyze and chalk out their investment plans, others simply went with their killer instincts. The common thing to all of them is their ability to beat the market. They simply can foresee financial future! Here are the top 10 investors of the world: ...

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