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Best DSLR’s for Beginners

Photography is an art which can only be realized with creativity and a good camera. These days DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are flooding the market and giving tough competition to Mirrorless cameras. With large sensors DSLRs give better picture resolutions and that’s why they are so popular among beginners. Many people struggle to find the best suited DSLR for them, Here is the catch-There is not one single DSLR for everyone. It varies with the interest. An Aerial photographer will have a totally different requirements from a portrait photographer. Similarly, wildlife photographers ...

Why Tech is no more a Geek's Monopoly?

Imagine you're a 2000s kid, who innocently wants to discuss his new video game or a new idea on how to automate redundant tasks? What will happen is a no-brainer. You will get picked on and it will just be like a classic Hollywood teen movie scene. Such people were lovingly called ‘Geeks'. The Urban Dictionary defines Geek as someone who gets paid for doing work considered bizarre by mainstream society. Those days, working with technology was surely confused with something bizarre. Being a technology fanatic was the epitome of all geekiness. You couldn't bring up latest tech fads ...

Self-driving car: Saviors or monsters

Self-driving Cars or Google self-driving cars are electric self-driven cars. You just have to sit in the car, and set the destination and there you go, without any effort, or driving, you are at your destination. As if now, self driving cars are running on streets of six US States and Washington DC. Nevada was the first US State to pass the law for the self driving cars, followed by Florida, California and Michigan, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and San Francisco. Singapore has recently announced the first Self driving Taxi. Along with the Google, Uber is also jumping into self driving cars and ...

Smartphone Vs Tablet: The Battle Continues

In the world of technology today, we all are surrounded by internet, smart phones, and tablets and there is tremendous competition in the market. We got so many choices when we think of buying a phone, not only the brands but we also get the choice between the OS interface (Android, IOS, and Windows). Smart phones are just more than calling; listening to music, Clicking pictures, Setting Alarm, Internet Surfing, almost everything is dependent on smart phones. We cannot imagine our lives without them. With the increasing popularity of Smart phones in the market, Tablets were introduced. Tablet ...

The next cool thing- Digital Jewelry

Jewelry is very much famous among women and women also are very fond of Jewelry. From the ancient times, Jewelry had been there to help men in impressing women. Jewelry is worn for many reasons - for aesthetics, to impress others, or as a symbol of affiliation or commitment. Basically, jewelry adorns the body, and has very little practical purpose. What if, you have Fashion Jewelry embedded with intelligence? Digital Jewelry is the fashion Jewelry with embedded intelligence. It can help you solve problems like forgotten passwords and security badges. They have potential to be all-in-one replacements ...

Latest Inventions that will blow your Mind

INTRODUCTION With raging technological advancement, it is not surprising to hear that there are 100s of innovations taking place all over the world. Technology has made us smarter and people are using the best of it to invent more things. While some of these inventions make the world a smarter, safer place others guarantee us new and awesome ways to have fun. Here are the latest top 20 inventions to blow you away: GREEN Disposable Phone Battery: Do you struggle to keep your phone charged? Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a tiny cardboard capsule, called The Mini Power, ...

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