Desire is  the  foundation and dreams are the building blocks which can take you from one place to another. Success doesn’t come with money or big degrees, but with strong will power and your ability to realize your dreams. Today we have so many examples of people who rose from the dust and changed the way the world works. The stories of common people who not only changed their lives, but also of many others around them. These days people are experimenting and facing their fears. For realizing your dream, it’s your courage and hard work that will pay off, Nothing else matters. We have many examples for people who became CEOs from a common man only through their sheer intelligence and entrepreneurial skills. Let’s hear the stories of some of them here: 

Dhirubhai Ambani- From nothing to everything

The founder of  Reliance, born in Chorwad, Gujarat. His father was a teacher with meager monthly income. Through his bizarre mind, he changed from a weekend  Bhajia seller to a full fledged entrepreneur. He founded Reliance in 1966 and changed it into a Global conglomerate. In 2002, FICCI awarded him with the title of “the Indian entrepreneur of 20th century”. Reliance was one of the companies to feature in Forbes 500 list.

Howard Schultz - The coffee trend setter   

Grew up in a housing complex for poor. He won  the football scholarship to university of northern Michigan and got employed at a coffee shop called Starbucks. After Howard Schultz became the CEO, the company changed from 60 to  16,000 outlets. In no time Starbucks got famous throughout the world.

In an interview with  The British tabloid Mirror, Schultz says: "Growing up I always felt like I was living on the other side of the tracks. I knew the people on the other side had more resources, more money, happier families. And for some reason, I don’t know why or how, I wanted to climb over that fence and achieve something beyond what people were saying was possible. I may have a suit and tie on now, but I know where I’m from and I know what it’s like."


Kailash Katkar - Who thought he has no skills

A person who thought he has no skills changed everything with his outstanding  entrepreneurial skills.From a calculator repair shop Kailash Katkar  became the CEO of Quick heal technologies private limited. He started his journey from Rahimatpur,a village in Maharashtra. He built the Rs 187 Crore business on his own, with no professional degree from  any university.

P C Mustafa - The youth icon

Son of an illiterate farmer, he shaped his future on his own. PC Mustafa grew up in a small village of Wayanad and failed in class 6th. With the pressure of working in his ancestral farms he worked hard and completed his higher studies. Trying his hands  in an IT accompany in UK to Citibank technology department, he  Finally came back to India to pursue his dream of a start up. While sitting in a kirana shop, This man  got the idea of idli batters which developed into  Rs 100 Crore business.