With raging technological advancement, it is not surprising to hear that there are 100s of innovations taking place all over the world. Technology has made us smarter and people are using the best of it to invent more things. While some of these inventions make the world a smarter, safer place others guarantee us new and awesome ways to have fun. Here are the latest top 20 inventions to blow you away:


  1. GREEN
    • Disposable Phone Battery: Do you struggle to keep your phone charged? Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a tiny cardboard capsule, called The Mini Power, which recharges your phone battery and that too in an eco-friendly way. Just plug in, your desired battery time capsule- 2 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours and voila! Your phone charges and all you have to do later is recycle it. This elegant concept saves packaging costs, is biodegradable, compact and easy to use. What more could we ask for? Go Green with The Mini Power!
    • Floating Rubbish Bins:  An automated marina rubbish bin is an innovative solution to clean up oceans. These floating bins aim to solve and prevent ocean pollution by collecting oil, debris and floating rubbish, 24 hours a day, every day. Australian surfers Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski came up with the innovative idea out of their love for the ocean.  These Seabins will cut the expenses and hassle of ‘trash boats’ which are currently working for ocean cleaning.
    • Soccket: This portable electricity generating Soccer ball not only promotes eco-friendly innovation but also spreads awareness about physical activity, sports, global warming and energy issues. This water resistant ball is efficient enough to power 3 LED lamps for 3 hours with just 30 minutes of playing! Developed by smarties at Uncharted Play, it is a perfect way of fun, good doing and practicality. No wonder, it is endorsed by none other than former President Bill Clinton.
    • LifeStraw: A straw that filters water? Sounds impossible! But it is a completed well-advertised and in usage product. This straw virtually filters out microbiological contaminants making the water potable. Its aim is to provide safe water in poor countries and work as a tool in case of emergencies, especially during natural disasters.  Now with wide staff, members and partners, LifeStraw is a growing company, helping people worldwide.
    • Drinkable Book: A genius model displaying an extremely innovative method of providing safe water. The pages of this book are covered with silver nanoparticles which filter out 99.9% contaminants when water passes through. It is reusable and obviously eco-friendly. In addition to providing potable water, the pages also educate the user about water hygiene and safe water habits. Developed by non-profit company WATERisLIFE, it is a simple, effective and easy way to provide potable water. This book is definitely a must-read!
    • Flo: An extremely thoughtful innovation is Flo, a kit for girls to make menstruation safer and easier. Countries where girls use clothes or rags in place of disposable sanitary pads face the trouble of washing the soiled rag. It is such a taboo in such places, that openly washing or drying is stigmatic. Here enters college students, Mariko Higaki Iwai, Sohyun Kim, and Tatijana Vasily students at the Art Center College of Design in California who created this handy toolkit for safe washing and storage of reusable sanitary pads. It is so simple to use and even allows discreet drying of cloth. It is a serious effort to help the already tough lives of girls in poor countries.
    • Ooho!: Ooho! is an edible water bottle which is a creative solution to eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Since plastic is a major pollutant, it is genius idea to help reduce plastic pollution. It consists of water encased in algae-based gel, in the shape of a sphere. These water orbs were created 3 industrial design students in London. It is a simple yet extraordinarily innovative approach. It can be replicated and instructions to make your water gel packet are covered and anyone is free to use them.
    • Kite Patch: While there are many solutions to prevent mosquitoes’ bites, this is the most advanced and easy one of them all. A patch that affixes to clothing and acts as deterrent to mosquitoes by not allowing them to track humans by carbon dioxide in our breath. Besides protecting us from harmful diseases caused by mosquitoes like Malaria and dengue, this patch also saves us from irritation and itchiness of bite. Kickstarted through funds by Bill and Melinda Gates, Kite patch can work in diverse climatic conditions and is potent in saving millions of lives, especially in countries like Africa, ridden with mosquito-borne illnesses.
    • TZOA-Personal Pollution Detector: In our day to day life, where pollution is an ever- present danger for us, a handy pollution detector is of a great use. This wearable device not only measures the quality of the air we breathe but also the UV exposure and that too in real time. The sensor can distinguish between allergens and particles that are harmful to human health. Tzoa also monitors light levels, which affect our sleeping pattern and also notify us through app or LED light. Founders Kevin Hart and Laura Moe believe that this device bridges the gap between us and our environment. It helps us to connect to environment.
  3. HOME
    • Circo Dishwasher: An off the counter dishwasher created by Israeli designer Chen Levin, it uses zero electricity and very small amount of water. It is a bright idea which is simple and brilliant and effective. It works in 3 steps: Hand powered crank release jet of water, which is heated by a sodium acetate tablet and then voila! The dishes are clean in a minute. It saves enormous amount of space as it is fit for counter top and also doubles as a rack for drying. Its ability to save space, energy and water has made it truly a genius product.
    • Pantelligent:  A game changer, it is a smart frying pan, that uses great technology to improve your cooking skills. Seemingly essential for new cooks, it talks to your smartphone. It has a temperature sensor inside, which interact their app in smartphone. The app monitors temperature and provides on-screen and spoken notifications when to stir or add ingredients and when to adjust heat. All this basically acts as a virtual tutor. This intelligent cooking tool also lets user select the way to make a recipe. Alternatively, you can leave it on autopilot mode which automatically adjusts heat. Now, this is something of a future changer for chefs!
    • Hövding: This invisible bike helmet was developed by 2 Swedish students contains an airbag that inflates in case of accident. This functional neck collar like helmet has an innovative and alternative design which is well researched and safe. It is safer than conventional helmets and is said to be the best shock absorber in the world. It originated from airbag technology and has successfully passed many crash tests. It is definitely something, which is a product of the future.
    • Flatpack Refugee Shelter:  A very need of the hour, this innovation is a little respite in the hard life of refugees. Developed jointly by IKEA and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, The Better Shelter is a temporary lightweight shelter for refugees. It is very efficient and has the basic needs for privacy and security. These can long last up to 3 years and are equipped with solar panels, mosquitoes’ nets, ventilation, light and lockable door. This rational design has been created through research with refugees and is, therefore, a humble way to give a home away from home to the most vulnerable people in world.
    • The Bodyguard: It is a body Armor with Built-in Stun Gun, Flashlight and Camera, phone and Charger. Though too expensive to afford right now for a common man, but it won’t be long when it will become an indispensable tool for protection. It has a rechargeable lithium battery. All you have to do is pull a pin and the assailant will get electric shocks. It is a modern day shield and is a brilliant choice of self-defense tool. Also, it has a special pocket for your precious iPhone!
    • Cubicco Hurricane Proof Flatpack Home:  A shelter during time of disaster, these Flatpack homes offer quick assembly, are compact, portable and affordable. Equipped with facilities like to harvest rainwater and convert solar power to energy, this home can withstand winds up to speed of 290 km/h. It comes in many sizes and the largest one has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining, office, lounge, ramp and porch. They are light weight and thus can be positioned at stilts in case of a flood.
    • The Perfect Memory Camera: This camera allows you to capture the moments you lost. Developed by General Streaming Systems in New York, it is wearable and lightweight. This 12-megapixel device is capable of recording video and audio in high definition. It captures retroactively. It works in Autoedit mode and with a tap on its screen it records the video from the previous 5 minutes or any custom duration set. The key is that it saves the video after the event! Also, the General Systems promises great battery life and claim it to be groundbreaking technology in photography. The camera can also be connected to smartphone and TV sets.
    • Hack-a-Ball: An educational ball which teaches children to code? Yes,please! Not only this ball teaches about technology but also promotes physical activeness, something which is becoming increasingly hard these days. You can program the ball through app on smartphone and change the ball’s colors, light and sounds. With the hackaball app, you can create games and learn basics of programming. This is quite an innovative method, which also promotes coding, a much hyped-about skill. Such innovations can bridge the gap between technology and physical activity.