Charles Rolls, a mechanical engineer and  Henry Royce, an electrical engineer  first met at  Grand Central Hotel in Manchester and the ideas of these two  unsure individuals created history together. Charles rolls was born in London, he graduated from Cambridge in 1898. For a start he did some jobs in practical engineering, but later with the help of funds from his father, he started Britain's first Car Dealership. Charles rolls was a passionate man who pioneered motoring and aviation.

Henry Royce was born in Huntingdonshire in 1863. Due to the unstable financial background, he can only obtain one year of formal education. For few years he worked in the Great Northern Railway company, Leeds (a tool making company), Electric light and power company in London. Then he finally  entered into an agreement with his close friend Ernest Claremont and  started his company called FH Royce and Company. The company was re-registered as Royce Ltd. in 1899. In the year 1904, Henry Royce made his first car, a two cylindrical Royce 10, which impressed Charles.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Henry Royce and Charles rolls came into a partnership  and formed Rolls-Royce Limited, A British car manufacturing company. It started as a seed which grew up into a big fruitful tree. They settled their company in Manchester and started producing cars under the name of rolls Royce. After 3 years Rolls Royce produced a motor car named Silver Ghost which got popularized for being the Best motor car in the world.

By establishing itself in motor cars,Rolls Royce designed their first Aero engine titled ‘The Eagle’ which powered the flight from England to Australia,the first direct Transatlantic flight.

Rolls Royce expanded itself into the aviation field and developed the R engine for  the International Schneider Trophy seaplane contest.In 1931 it made the new  world air speed record of 400mph. This boosted the technological side of the company and provided a base for the establishment of Merlin. The main attraction of Rolls Royce was its craftsmanship and unique design.

The success of Rolls-Royce can also be given to the world war 2 which generated a demand for the merlins and changed Rolls Royce from a small venture to a major aviation company.With all these developments Rolls Royce expand itself with aero gas turbine and Avon-powered comet and finally entered the civil aviation market.

The year 1959 saw the mergers of various conglomerates and finally Bristol Siddeley and Rolls Roycee came as two giants in Aero-engine Industry. In the year 1966 these two giants also consolidated into one strengthened the Aero-engine industry.

In 1971 Rolls Royce launched RB211 which soon became the driving force in the Rolls Royce family. Due to some problems Rolls Royce was taken into State ownership. It took more than 10 years for the company to come back to its private identity with a series of mergers and acquisitions. In the coming years, it became the sole company to produce power to be used  in the air, sea and on the land.

The next few years were years for joint ventures which changed the future of Rolls Royce. It went through Revolutionary expansions. It ventured with BMW of Germany with the legal name of Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co.

The Allison Engine company was taken over and Rolls Royce motor cars were taken over by Volkswagen. BMW officially took the responsibility of Rolls Royce cars in 2003.

Vickers was acquired by them and Rolls Royce took over the oil and gas joint venture. It opened its first marine facility in Shanghai and MT30 Marine Gas turbine got selected to power the US Navy  multi-mission destroyers.

Rolls Royce has evolved as a brand name and have become everything from nothing. It started as a mere merger, but today has become the greatest of the great.”Take the best that exist and makes it better ”Those were the words of Henry Royce and he  with Charles Rolls conceptualized it into reality.