Self-driving Cars or Google self-driving cars are electric self-driven cars. You just have to sit in the car, and set the destination and there you go, without any effort, or driving, you are at your destination.

As if now, self driving cars are running on streets of six US States and Washington DC. Nevada was the first US State to pass the law for the self driving cars, followed by Florida, California and Michigan, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and San Francisco. Singapore has recently announced the first Self driving Taxi.

Along with the Google, Uber is also jumping into self driving cars and soon Uber self driving car will be running on the roads of Pittsburgh.

There have been lots of discussions on Self-driving cars on how these cars can prove to be a Savior or how these cars can prove to be Disaster. Let’s check out the points laying out both the positive and negative side of these cars.


Let’s first check out how these cars can prove to be Savior:


  1. Specially Disabled People can travel independently:
    One of the major benefits of launching self driving cars will be to specially disabled people. They need not to depend on anyone to drop them to any location. Even, the blind people can board this car, as all the driving is done by the car. All you need to do is sit and enjoy the trip.
  2. No need to learn driving:
    If you want to own a self-driving car, you need not to go for driving classes first. That means you don’t even need a driving license because you are not actually driving. You can save all your money that you would have invested in the driving schools.
  3. No need to learn the Road Map:
    It’s always been a hassle for me to learn the directions. I mean, I am very much thankful to Google maps. But, if you are boarding a self-driving car, you don’t even need to open the Google maps. Just set the destination and all the navigation will be done by the car.
  4. No adherence of Traffic rules:
    Self-driving cars can actually help in keeping a check on traffic rules. You cannot cross the traffic lights until there is a green light. Hence, this can help in reducing the accidents as well. This car can also have check on speed limits.
  5. Can prove to be a boon to old people:
    This car can also prove to be a boon to our senior citizens. They need not to drive or put any effort. Also, they will be more independent and going to supermarkets will be easier for them. They need not to wait for somebody to pick them for their routine health checkups.
  6. Cab without driver:
    Self-driving cars can prove to be a revolution in Cabs Industry. Just book your cab and cab arrives at your destination point. It can save all the time that you spend explaining the way to the driver. And then no driver also means more secure. Driver-less cab can actually be more secure for Women.



There are many areas where these cars are failing and are not meeting the desired expectations. Also, the accidents have been reported in the past while testing this car. Let’s check out the areas where these cars can prove to be Monster:


  1. High Cost Price:
    Due to high cost price, this car cannot be afforded by the middleman. All the perks go into vein if the common man is able to afford this car.
  2. Impact on Employment:
    As this car is driver-less car, hence this can actually have a negative impact on the employment of many drivers. All the cab companies will actually like to go for this driver-less car to save their expenses spent in paying the drivers.
  3. Fails during Heavy Rain:
    The sensors mounted on the car roof can get severely damaged during the heavy rains or snow which can actually risk your safety. The same goes during the Foggy days and hence, these cars can prove to be of no use during heavy rains, snow or fog.
  4. Can prove to be a disaster during Traffic signal Failure:
    As these cars work on pre-programmed route data and are programmed to follow the traffic lights on route, these car fail to follow the temporary traffic signals. Also, in some scenarios, during the failure of traffic lights, these cars are not programmed to follow the human traffic signals or any traffic instructions by traffic police.
  5. Few Electric Charging Station:
    As this is an electric car, hence it needs to be charged. As compared to gas stations, there are very few vehicles charging station and if this car gets discharged on road, it can actually lead to accident. Also, the speed of the car can get impacted while discharging.
  6. No Manual interference during driving can prove to be a disaster:
    As the idea seems to be fascinating that there will be no human interference during driving but sometimes it can prove to be very dangerous. If you see that you are going to get hit by some drunk driver but your car is waiting on the traffic signal and cannot move until the light goes green and you can absolutely do nothing but see your car getting hit. Also, during traffic signal failures, your car won’t stop as it will not understand the temporary traffic signals and can actually lead to an accident.


Though there are many areas where this car needs improvement but still, I am actually looking forward for this car. It can be a new experience and you can actually enjoy the car ride without anyone even driving the car, which means, long drives can be more fun. I will actually love to have this experience.


In future, I am very sure that self-driving cars are going to be Savior. Also, regarding the high costing of this car, in my opinion, whenever, the new technology is introduced, it always cost thousands of dollars that middleman cannot afford but after that, eventually, when the product gains competition, and more and more vendors jump into the same technology with new developments, the price does drop which can be easily afforded by middleman.


I am eagerly waiting for these cars to get released all the over world and also, I am looking forward for the advancements in this car.