In the world of technology today, we all are surrounded by internet, smart phones, and tablets and there is tremendous competition in the market. We got so many choices when we think of buying a phone, not only the brands but we also get the choice between the OS interface (Android, IOS, and Windows). 
Smart phones are just more than calling; listening to music, Clicking pictures, Setting Alarm, Internet Surfing, almost everything is dependent on smart phones. We cannot imagine our lives without them.
With the increasing popularity of Smart phones in the market, Tablets were introduced. Tablet is an in-between solution of Mobile phones (Smart phones) and Laptops. At the time when Tablet was introduced, it had more features than the smart phones but less features than Laptop. 
However, with the technology advancements, there seems to be no difference between Tablet and smart phones.
Tablets also run same OS interfaces as smart phones that are, Android, Windows and IOS. Tablets also come up with capabilities of calling. Tablets, in general, are bigger in size as compared to the smart phones. 

It’s very difficult to figure out, which one is better, smart phone or Tablet? But we can lay out some points comparing the two:


  1. Screen Size: The Tablets generally have bigger screen size than the smart phones. The Screen size of Tablet generally starts from 7 inches and goes up to 10 inches. However, the screen size of smart phones start from 4 or 5inches and goes upto 6 inches. Though, screen size is getting increased in smart phones as well but if you prefer a small screen, then you must go for smart phone. However, if you prefer, big screens, Tablet should be on your list.
  2. Portability: Due to small size, smart phones can be carried into the pockets and as compared to Tablets; the smart phones are easier to carry.
  3. Resolution: Tablets have higher resolution as compared to the smart phones. Hence, you can have better experience of watching videos with Tablets as compared to the smart phones.
  4. Internet Connectivity: The key difference between smart phone and Tablet is their internet connectivity. All the smart phones connect to internet using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. However, most Tablets connect to internet using Wi-Fi only. With technology advancements, there are some tablets that come with both 3G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.
  5. Personalization:Tablets are more likely to be used by more than one person. However, smart phones are for personal use.
    Smart phones and Tablets have many features in common and both the devices serve almost the same purpose. It depends on the customer’s choice that for what purpose, he needs the device. For example, if a person is looking for more personalized device more for calling, sending texts and then gaming, social networking and emails, then he must choose the smart phone over Tablet. However, if the customer is more into gaming, internet surfing, social networking, and checking emails, then definitely, he must choose Tablet.