Due to the hectic lifestyle that we live today, there is no time left to keep our body in a healthy shape. Most of the times we feel tired and anxious throughout the day. There are  a few ways to keep in mind which will help you keep your body fit and healthy and would not take much of your time also:-

Healthy Diet

Taking a healthy diet comes first as your body is too much dependent on the food. The intake of healthy diet,  you take is directly proportional to the fitness of your body. A balanced diet with lots of nutritious food is a good start. It keeps your body energized throughout the day and complete any lack of nutrition in your body.


No one is asking you to spend two hours in the gym, but doing some basic exercises at home will keep your body in good shape. Exercises are really important because of our lifestyle as most of the work is done sitting or with least body movement, this blocks the joints and they start paining. Few exercises daily will help in increasing the flexibility in your body.

Good Sleep 

Sleep is the most essential part of the day. Being a human being, our body has certain limits and it also needs rest after a certain time. At least 6 to 8 hours of sleep will give the body complete rest. Sleep is not only important for the body, but also for the mind.Lack of sleep is harmful to the mind and it causes various health problems.


Proper intake of Liquids has a boosting effect on the body. Our 70 percent of the body is made up of Water that’s the reason it needs more and more water. Liquids such as water, tea, milk, juices, etc.  also help in increasing the metabolism of the body.


Yes, enjoyment is one of the ways through which you can be fit.Mind and heart both are very crucial in keeping body and mind fit. For a healthy heart it is important to be happy. A happy heart leads to a healthy body. Enjoy as much as you can and keep your body fit.


As exercises are good for the body, meditation is good for  the mind . With mind at work twenty-four seven it becomes very important to give it some rest. Nothing can replace meditation in this field. It not only relaxes the mind, but also provide calmness and keeps it cool. It makes the mind sharp and  helps in building the concentration power. 10 to 20 minutes of meditation will be enough to keep the mind fresh throughout the day.

Water and lemon

If you are a little on the bulky side, then water with lemon will work as a miracle on your body. Make a habit to take lemon water every morning. It will help in improving the metabolism and cut on weight too. It will also rejuvenate the body and make you feel fresh.

Don’t skip meal

Many people think skipping meal will cut the body fat and in this misconception that starts skipping meals. It has harmful effects on the body. No matter what but one should never skip a meal. A good breakfast is important as there  has been no food in your body throughout the night. Taking a good breakfast will really make your morning happy and you  will energetic the whole day.

All these small daily habits will help in reducing anxiety and stress and will make the mind and body healthy. No matter how busy you are, just try to  make all these habits part of your routine and you will surely notice the changes.