With the coming era of technology the world has changed totally. With the internet and smartphone in every urban household virtual shops have made their own presence. Today Indian market is  flourished  with virtual shops that helps the consumers in full filling their needs. The technology has changed the whole scenario of shopping. Be it electronic items or beauty products everything is just a click away now. Virtual grocery and merchandising shops have established a strong presence in the virtual market. Here are some of the reasons why:-


Online grocery and merchandising  shops are expanding because of their demand. These are not any royalty or luxury items, but products which are used on a daily basis. They are used in every  household  and hence has a great demand, which is fulfilled by these virtual stores. Demand in India plays a major role as a large bunch of  people only invests in products which are the constant need for them and in this field nothing can replace  the grocery items.


Online grocery and merchandising shops have come up as an excellent alternative for the consumers who are too busy to visit a physical store. Visiting a physical store has always been a time consuming job with too much of time wasted in visiting the store and standing in queues waiting for their turn to come. Now buying goods are just one click away and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.


Online shops have a wide variety when it comes to the products. Consumers can choose from a wide range of items and  can place bulk orders. In local kirana shops we often get limited stocks and many times have to compromise on our choices, but with so many shops online we can find what we want very easily.


The categorization of products in virtual portals also helps the consumers in choosing the items without investing much time in it as happens in shopping complexes where it’s a gruesome business to search products throughout the shopping complex. Virtual shops make certain filters which help the consumers to get what they want very easily.

Government policies

When it comes to startups the first thing to think upon is the policies implemented by the government. In online grocery  startups the government has allowed 100 percent FDI, which means the foreign companies can now invest in India without any restrictions. This is one of the biggest reasons which has increased the number of grocery startups in India. India always has the potential market and now many foreign companies are tweeking the Indian market  to make profit out of it.



This could be the next big thing in the coming years. As people have started earning more, they are investing a big amount in merchandising. With so many startups coming into this field, it has become very easy to get customized merchandise which serves as the main attraction of virtual merchandising. Growing Fan Following of famous movies and television series sets the start of a totally new trend where people wanted to have more customized products.  

Cost effective

With the success stories of so many other startups one doesn’t has to think twice before investing in a grocery startup.When compared with other type of startups, this field is new and cheaper.There is no loss in running a physical kirana store and setting an online portal for it so you don’t have to worry about the loss as you still have everything in your physical store and a virtual wing will only expand your business.