Have you thought of making a business out of the waste products? Have you thought how it can profit with minimal investment? There are so many benefits if we start a business out of a waste. Not only that can double your profit but it will be like waste from business can be the raw material for the second.

If you still have not thought of using the waste, let’s see some of the benefits by listing some of the business that has emerged as the result of waste:


  1. OLX
    I believe this name is known to everyone and I am sure we have not thought of this company as the waste recycling company but I believe this is what they are doing. They are selling your waste to others for whom this won’t be a waste but may be a useful product. All you need to do is put your waste product or I should say, product that you do not need, on the site with the price that you wish to put up for the product and if your details match with the buyer, you product will be sold to him.
    What an amazing idea, the company just invested in making the site and app and everything is just getting exchanged here and there and they are earning out of that.
  2. Encashea
    I believe many people are not aware of Bengaluru-based Encashea, founded in August this year which collects scrap waste for cash in select areas of the city, and lists prices for scrap on its website. Encashea has an Android app on Google Play. Gadgets 360 spoke the founders of these startups to figure out how they plan to be sustainable, and even profitable.
    The founders have more than seven years of experience in recycling waste from the Delhi Airport, Sethi says, with a revenue model purely based on recyclables that are collected from the airport, then segregated and sold.
  3. POM POM
    The ever evolving startup space coupled with technological innovation has led to the creation of various business models and ventures that are truly unique and are harbingers of social change.
    One such unique start-up is POM POM, a web-based recycling platform that helps you to dispose recyclable waste in a responsible manner at your doorstep, while paying you the best possible price for the same.
    Founded by Deepak Sethi and Kishor K Thakur, POM POM has started its operations in South Delhi and will be addressing the disposal needs of more than 1,000,000 individuals producing large quantities of recyclable waste every day.
    The best part about this startup is that it is all done via a quick call, message or putting in a request via the mobile app.
  4. Karma Recycling
    Founded in 2013, Karma Recycling was born with the philosophy that a useless device for someone can turn into a useful device for someone else. Realizing that the e-waste that is negatively impacting our environment could positively be stimulating the economy, they choose to reuse mobile devices. The venture buys old gadgets from tier 1 cities and resells them in semi urban cities.