Do you think differently? Do you see opportunity wherever you go?  Do you seek freedom to live life like a boss? Do you always aim for the impossible and succeed?

Well, read on and you’ll be sure you are an entrepreneur!


  1. You are confident.
    You believe in yourself like no one else, only appreciation and gratification you need is yours. You are certain that you will make every action of yours effective.
  2. You are determined.
    Getting things done is your only preference You don’t allow any person or situation become an obstacle and move in a forward direction bystaying firm on your ground.
  3. You willingly take risks.
    You are fearless in your endeavors. You don’t back out on your idea just because it is not a full proof plan. This being said, you don’t foolishly accept any option but evaluate your risks and act accordingly.
  4. You are constantly looking for opportunities.
    Oh yeah, you may find a business deal just sipping your coffee, you never shut down your mind and are vigilant every hour of the day. And night!
  5. You are a problem solver.
    You know how to get out of a bad situation and doing so gracefully is what sets you apart. You don’t run away from scary situations.
  6. You hate 9 to 5 jobs.
    That same routine puts you off and you are not ready to make your desk your second girlfriend/ wife. Period.
  7. You are extremely creative.
    Be it school or college, everyone referred to you as the ‘innovator’.Being creative is your innate trait.
  8. You know how to make relations.
    Your charm speaks for itself; your personality is what draws people towards you and negotiation is just another art for you.
  9. You are an over achiever.
    You don’t sit back and relax after your first achievement, you constantly strive to achieve more and better. Your next goal is already set up in your mind.
  10. You are authentic.
    Your ideas, your style, your work, everything is raw. Borrowed stuff never made you happy.
  11. You are always setting new goals.
    Never halting, you keep rising towards the peak by working everyday in that direction. One goal achieved, you are ready with your next plan.
  12. You started earning at an early age.
    You always had something extra in your pocket, by being that guy in the class who sells the photocopied notes or the Pokémon cards.
  13. You stay positive.
    You stay optimistic and work your way well out of the problems without making the environment negative. You like hanging around with happy people and don’t take shit of constantly whining people.
  14. You know how to play to your strengths.
    You know your arena, and work to your strengths rather than complaining about your weakness.
  15. You live in the present.
    You lost a deal? Well, you don’t go crying about it and start looking for opportunities in the present.
  16. You are passionate.
    You understand that your passion is what makes you are happy, and your passion won’t let you settle for a mediocre life.
  17. You are always coming up with better ideas.
    You keep an open mind and vision towards things, and constant improvement in your work satisfies you best.
  18. You are spontaneous.
    You know how to bend your rules and statements and come up with better ideas instantly even under pressure.
  19. You have a competitive nature.
    You know you have to be best at everything. Working meticulously, you want to be one step ahead of everyone.
  20. You are your own boss.
    Well, the most striking trait, you know it’s your life and hence your rules. Period.